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Cash Challenged
Learning to Earn Online

I’m going to learn to earn online. That is why this site is called Cash Challenged. When I rise to the challenge and learn to earn, I will have cash.

Some of the links on this page may be part of affiliate programs. That means when you click on them and purchase the service from the vendor, I’ll make some money. Thank you for your support.

Are You Chasing Your Marketing Goals?

If you establish a site with the marketing goal of making money from it, you need to be clear on what those goals consist of. Once you know the goals of the site, you have a driver for the content. That doesn’t mean your content has to or even should be, sales driven. It needs to provide your future customer with the knowledge and tools to help solve the problem your marketing goals are for. Your future customer will be able to develop a relationship with you through your content.

Moving Forward, Slowly and Relentlessly

When I look back over the last couple of weeks, it doesn’t look so bad. While I haven’t posted on here, I have been creating and posting on some of my other sites. That is actually good. Writing is like any other skill, the more you do it, the better you get. Learning to earn online has writing at its heart, so I really need to be the best I can be.

Why I’m Really Starting to Love Divi by Elegant Themes

I’ve been quiet the last couple of weeks. That doesn’t mean I’ve been lacking focus. I have been focused on building a website for a non-profit I belong to. I used the project to further test the WordPress theme I have in use on this site. The theme is a premium theme by Elegant Themes called Divi.

Find Your Focus If You Expect to Build a Business

Well, another week has passed and somehow it seems I’ve not accomplished much towards my goals. When I take a close look back at the week, I have done some work towards my goals but I’ve also let other activities take precedence. It’s not that the other activities don’t have value and importance, it is more that I’ve not been deliberate in giving focus to my goals.

Beat Procrastination Before It Beats You

Procrastination, are there any of us who don’t do so at some point? I know I can be very guilty of it at times. It’s so easy to engage in activities that don’t take any real effort, any real thought and any chance of not succeeding.

Every Journey Begins With the First Step

There are many approaches on this journey to earn online. Your biggest challenge is to determine your first step. You can eventually try all the approaches if you want to. Just not all at once. Start with one. Get a firm handle on how to use it, implement and then learn the next choice.

He Who Dares; Wins

May 12, 2016 | Journal

He who dares; wins. That is a pretty bold statement. And a very basic truth. See, I could spend literally years dreaming and thinking about starting an online business, or I could do so.

There is nothing wrong with dreaming. At some point, dreaming has to become action.

Taking action, any forward action,  is daring. The more daring you are, the more you will win.

I’m taking action by setting up this blog and by writing this post. It isn’t earth shattering and it’s not a money-making action. Not all action needs to result in money. It needs to result in more steps towards future growth.

I don’t actually expect to generate money off this blog. That might change in the future, but right now, it is about having a place to record my thoughts, my actions, and even my plans so I can keep taking action. To keep daring to win.

Today, I updated another site’s design and wrote a post. That doesn’t seem like much but, it took me a lot of time. That site has been used for another purpose and I’m switching to a different approach to the site. I needed to sort out what to do with the existing content.

I had redirected another site a few months ago and on that one, I deleted the old content. I quickly learned the error of my ways when I suddenly found I was dealing with a huge number of errors in Google.

I consolidated the old content into one category and didn’t include the category in the repurposed site’s navigation. The search engines will continue to bring people in via the older content. There is note wide difference between the two versions so, some of those new visitors may stay around and enjoy the new stuff.

Tomorrow is Friday the 13th. The only one of this year. I will continue to work on taking forward action by writing at least two blog posts.


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